Filling a Need

StudyTime provides students with academic tutoring and socio-emotional coaching from certified instructors. Students receive help understanding and completing their homework; in addition, they participate in supplemental enrichment activities and socio-emotional development exercises.

Why an SVdP afterschool program?

We believe in supporting entire families on their journey to self-sufficiency, now and for the future. For many of the parents we serve, academic support for their children is often viewed as something beyond their reach; many of our StudyTime graduates become first generation college students because of the mentorship and report they receive through our program.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul not only supports individuals and families in crisis, but prepares them for stability and independence for the next generation.

Holistic Support

We don’t just support the students: many StudyTime parents receive guidance steering their children through high school admissions, financial aid, and often become recipients of our other services. Because many of our students are bilingual and have parents who speak Spanish only, the majority of our instructors are also bilingual. SVdP’s StudyTime was awarded the highest level of certification (AQuA) by Dallas Afterschool in the year 2018.

Students in middle school also receive mentorship and support in seeking secondary education, as many StudyTime volunteers are students at local private high schools. 


StudyTime grads earned private HS scholarships

StudyTime: Full – and Full of Life

 We are at 100% capacity for 2019-2020.


SVdP currently micro-serves two locations in Dallas County where resources for academic support are desperately needed. We have bold ambitions to grow our program. But we need your help!

Join Us at StudyTime

There are several ways to get involved with StudyTime:



Tutors assist students with homework and activities at one of our locations, from 4-6pm.

High School students are welcome to volunteer as tutors, and you may volunteer as an individual or in groups!


When you give to the Society, it helps us to provide much-needed school supplies and educational support to families in need.

Your financial gift ensures that a child will have the tools they need to succeed in school now and in the future.


Are you a community influencer who wants to support children’s academics in your community? Do you have a passion for supporting students in their academic endeavors?

If so, we should talk! Click below to contact us.


We have two events each year when supporters of SVdP either sponsor a family for Christmas, or to provide school supplies at the beginning of each academic year. 

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